September 12, 2019
'World's Hottest Grandma' Gina Stewart Flaunts Massive Cleavage In Tiny White Top

Gina Stewart, the "World's Hottest Grandma," took to social media on Thursday to share a sexy new video of her going through her morning routine, and it didn't disappoint her fans.

In the clip, Gina is seen wearing a very low-cut top, which boasted spaghetti straps and flaunted the model's ample cleavage in the process.

Stewart had her blonde hair parted down the middle and styled in straight strands which fell down her back and over her shoulders. She also rocked a full face of makeup for the post, which included darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, and a bronzed glow. She included pink blush on her cheeks, a shimmering highlighter, and a glossy pink lip to complete the glam look.

In the video, Gina gets domestic in her kitchen as she wears a pair of pink rubber gloves and plays in a sink full of bubbles. She also chews on a piece of celery seductively before sipping on some green juice. The video is in slow motion and set to music to add some flair.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gina often posts racy content to social media and has been seen wearing tiny lingerie and bikinis in many of her photos.

Stewart is a mother of four and grandmother to one, with children ranging in age from 5 to 28. She rose to fame when she was named to the finals of Maxim's Finest Australian contest. She lost the competition, but she was given the title "World's Hottest Grandma" in the process.

Daily Star reports that Gina has been focused on her diet and exercise routine recently, and has noticed a big difference in how she looks and feels because of it.

"When I was younger, I could eat as much as I wanted and never gained a pound. Much harder at this age for sure," Gina revealed.

"My friends are all saying I look the best I've ever looked in years. I must admit I never looked after myself but that's because I didn't have the knowledge I have today," she continues.

However, even after being given beauty titles and gaining popularity on social media, Stewart says she still has body confidence issues, and has even considered having her breast implants removed.

"I look in the mirror and see so many faults but I'm trying not to focus on that and just be grateful that I'm still breathing on this beautiful planet," Gina Stewart admitted during the interview.