September 12, 2019
Instagram Refuses To Buy Ex 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Cosmetics: See The Blistering Comments

Jenelle Evans has officially launched her JE Cosmetics line. The former Teen Mom 2 star's brand got its official kickoff during New York Fashion Week, with The Inquisitr recently reporting on a red carpet look from Jenelle as she appeared in a photocall to mark the achievement.

Of course, as all brands do these days, JE Cosmetics has an Instagram account. Content over on the brand's page is somewhat limited – things are, after all, still very new – but fans have had a chance to respond to the posts. A photo of Jenelle's brow kit products appeared on JE Cosmetics' Instagram account two days ago. A quick look through the comments section suggests that the merch hasn't been well-received. In fact, it appeared that the platform was pretty much voicing a unified consensus: it didn't appear to want anything to do with Jenelle's brand.

The most upvoted comment racked up over 270 likes.

"Can't support animal abusers sorry not sorry"
A comment racking up over 116 likes also seemed to see a user refusing to purchase the products.
"Why would anyone buy your crap. Your makeup looks worse than the dollar store....Sorry you're broke $$$$$"
"Hard pass" was another popular response.

Comments also seemed to come in from users who had taken a good look at the writing on the packaging, with a comment racking up 83 likes slamming the Chinese manufacturing.

"Made in China but 'cruelty-free'? Yeah right, that's like saying your house is cruelty-free."
Naturally, harsh remarks centering around animal cruelty likely pertain to the headlines Jenelle made earlier this year. Husband David Eason was alleged to have shot and killed the family dog, Nugget. The controversy saw Jenelle make an exit from the MTV franchise that she used to star on – clearly, fans haven't forgotten the drama.
As to the responses left to Jenelle's post, comments from fans who refuse to purchase the product just kept on coming.

"Never buy anything from this brand or anything under her name," a user wrote with over 53 others upvoting the comment.

Jenelle also found herself accused of deleting backlash, with one user alleging that the star takes to the comments section of her posts to remove evidence of negativity. While Jenelle has previously spoken of filtering comments on her own social media, she has made no suggestion that she tampers with comments left on JE Cosmetics' account.

Complaints also seemed to come in over how limited the range is: fans seemed a little stumped that the brow kit isn't more comprehensive.

Fans wishing to see more of Jenelle should follow her Instagram.