Fatal Lion Attack Victim Named Dianna Hanson, Federal Agencies Investigate

Fatal Lion Attack Victim Named Dianna Hanson, Federal Agencies Investigate

A fatal lion attack killed a 24 year old woman intern named Dianna Hanson at a big cat sanctuary in California named Cat Haven. Fatal lion attacks have been making the news more frequently lately, with another occurring in the African bush during a sex act.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the fatal lion attack occurred when the intern entered the lion cage at about 12:30 PM this Wednesday afternoon. Authorities were called to the scene and found the woman dead inside the lion’s enclosure. A Fresno County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed the 4 year old lion named Cous Cous shortly after arrival.

The body of the 500-pound lion, is now at a vet facility in Tulare County awaiting a necropsy to determine what may have caused the fatal lion attack. The USDA enforces the federal Animal Welfare Act and hopes to learn whether Cous Cous showed any odd behavior before the fatal lion attack that might have indicated potential danger.

Authorities have revealed that Dianna Hanson died of a broken neck, although deputies found the woman severely injured and still lying inside the enclosure with the male African lion nearby. Another employee tried unsuccessfully to lure Cous Cous away from Hanson and into another enclosure, but the lion mauled the intern to death.

Paul Hanson, father of Dianna Hanson, is uncertain how the fatal lion attack occurred, saying, “How she ever got inside the cage and why she would be inside the cage [is unclear], because I thought she made it real clear that they don’t let anybody in the cage except the owner.” Hanson added: “She was at ease with those big cats. They liked her.”

The California State Department of Fish and Wildlife want to know why Dianna Hanson was in the enclosure with the animal before the fatal lion attack. The intern was not allowed to be in the enclosure alone, and she had to get access to keys from somewhere.

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