September 12, 2019
Ashley Alexiss Flaunts Her Hourglass Figure In Sultry, Sandy Instagram Snaps

Instagram bombshell Ashley Alexiss has been teasing her social media followers with some sultry snapshots in recent days as she travels abroad, and she has just done it again. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model is flaunting her jaw-dropping curves and it looks like people are loving what she is sharing.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, Ashley and her husband, Travis Yohe, have been sharing tidbits from their international travels in recent days, recently having spent time in the Maldives. Now, Alexiss and Yohe are in Qatar, and Ashley is seemingly feeling bold and adventurous.

Ashley's newest Instagram post shows her on the sand dunes of Doha. She isn't wearing anything skimpy in this case, but she still looks gorgeous as she showcases her hourglass figure. Alexiss is wearing flip flops and capri jeans along with a form-fitting T-shirt and sunglasses.

Fans of the Sports Illustrated personality are going wild over Ashley's gorgeous, yet simple, and comfortable, look.

"God dawg those hips are killin me!" exclaimed one of Alexiss' followers who was clearly in awe of her curves.

"Stunning as always," noted another.

"This smile addicts fans," wrote one of Ashley's fans who couldn't help but call out the model's beaming facial expression.

Just before leaving the Maldives, Ashley shared another stunning Instagram shot. In this one, she was wearing short shorts that gave fans a peek at her curvy backside.

Alexiss wore a black shirt that appeared to be knotted above her navel to show off a bit of her midriff and she was barefoot and standing in the water at the edge of the ocean. Ashley had her long, blonde hair styled into two long French braids, and she again wore dark sunglasses to complete the look.

"The whole meal," quipped one follower of the plus-size model's look.

"Girl please share your workout routine?!?! How do you keep that tummy tight?!?" asked another envious supporter.

"U are worth it beautiful," wrote another big fan who subsequently commented that they want to see more pictures of the beautiful model.

It looks as if Ashley even got a marriage proposal in response to this beachy shot, despite the fact that she is already married.

Alexiss is garnering a lot of attention these days for her sultry curves, confidence, and determination. However, as The Inquisitr detailed recently, she has worked hard to get where she is now.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model is clearly a big inspiration to the 1.8 million fans who already follow her on Instagram. Based on the reaction to these latest photos, it seems clear that Ashley Alexiss' popularity is steadily growing, and fans cannot wait to see what's in store for her next.