‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Spoilers Reveal Peter Weller Character

Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers have arrived in a big way, spilling the beans on the character Peter Weller will be playing when the film premieres May 17, 2013.

Thus far, director J.J. Abrams has teased his audience with a few still photographs and tidbits, including some new images released in February 2013 and the recent admission his second time behind the camera would introduce Klingons to the rejuvenated franchise.

Today’s revelation digs down a little deeper.

In a report from Ain’t It Cool News on Friday, March 8,Weller’s identity was revealed as Admiral Marcus, father to Kirk love interest Carol Marcus (Alice Eve).

Rampant speculation based on Weller’s resume at IMDb had many Trekkers wondering if his character would be connected to his role as John Frederick Paxton on Star Trek: Enterprise. Friday’s report appears to have put this idea to bed for good.

The spoiler is legitimate, AICN noted, pointing to a screening in Brazil featuring the first 38 minutes as the source.

Other Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers revealed a slightly altered opening from the footage previously shown in IMAX, a big no-no from Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) violating the Prime Directive and getting him (at least temporarily) demoted, and the reason you see the Enterprise emerging from water in the trailers.

What’s absent?

The story behind the film’s villain John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). There is still no indication whether he is playing Khan from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and we doubt there will be before opening day.

A second screening for UK critics and bloggers was held on Friday, but it’s too early to tell if it was the same slice of footage. The Guardian reported only the first 30 minutes were screened and played most of what was seen close to the vest.

Do you believe John Harrison is Khan, and what are your thoughts on Peter Weller as Admiral Marcus and the other Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers?