Instagram Beauty Jen Selter Sizzles In Black See-Through Crop Top & Bikini Bottoms

Jen Selter has made a career out of heating up social media with her stunning and skimpy looks. The fitness model has a ton of fans who love to see her sultry snaps and can't wait for her to post new content. This week was much of the same when Jen posted a photo of herself in a very revealing outfit.

On Thursday, Jen shared a set of three photos to her account, and each one was sexier than the last. The model went braless under a see-through black crop top. The sheer top boasted long sleeves and a tie around the waist and left little to the imagination as Selter's cleavage could be seen underneath.

Jen also wore a pair of black bikini bottoms which were cut high on her hip and showcased her flat tummy and seriously toned abs, as well as spotlighted her long, lean legs and curvy backside.

Selter had her long, dark hair parted down the middle and styled in straight strands that fell down her back and over her shoulders. She accessorized the showstopping look with a pair of slide-on sandals and dark sunglasses. She also held a mug in her hand.

In the caption of the photos, Jen asked her followers which one of the snaps they liked the best, and admitted that the cup she held in her hand was empty.

Meanwhile, Selter is more than just a model who posts sexy snaps. She has become a real workout inspiration to her followers, who love to see her photos to help them set their own fitness goals. The Inquisitr recently reported that Jen posted a pic of herself wearing a skimpy tie-dye outfit last week, and her fans went wild in the comment section.

Selter's 12 million-plus followers seem to be a source of comfort for her as well. Back in 2018, when she made headlines for being kicked off of an American Airlines flight, she took to social media for support.

"I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane," Selter said in a tweet after the incident.

NBC News reported at the time that the model had been removed from a flight in Miami, which was headed to New York, after she had a dispute with a member of the crew.

The airline later claimed that Jen Selter was asked to leave the flight over a "disagreement" and offered her hotel accommodations and transportation, which she refused.