September 12, 2019
Charlotte McKinney Nearly Bursts Out Of Her Bikini In Mega-Post Update, And Instagram Can't Handle It

The fact that summer is officially over has been a source of great sadness to many girls on Instagram -- particularly the ones that love to show off their fantastic bodies at the beach.

American stunner Charlotte McKinney was one of those girls, glum that autumn was coming, so she decided to salute the end of the season: with a mega-post update that Instagram could barely handle.

The blonde bombshell was once hailed as the new "Kate Upton" and famously starred in a coveted Carl's Jr. commercial. Thanks to the attention, her social media fandom has grown tremendously, and currently counts at 1.4 million followers.

Her fans were absolutely loving her recent update, awarding it more likes than almost any other post, and it's easy to see why.

In the first picture, Charlotte relaxes in a grotto wearing a black and white gingham bikini that struggles to contain her ample assets. The bikini top is so small that it surrenders to Charlotte's copious amounts of sideboob. The bikini bottom is so teeny that it can hardly be seen, letting her tiny waist and washboard abs take center stage.

The second picture in the update is a shot of the stunning Positano coastline.

The third picture manages to be both cheeky and sexy at the same time, as Charlotte pushes her gingham bikini top to the side to playfully pose with oversized lemons to protect her modesty.

The fourth is again another close up shot of Charlotte modeling the gingham bikini, though this time, the picture is in black-and-white. With her hands on her hips, Charlotte shows off her toned upper arms as her hair is swept up in a top knot.

The fifth image shows Charlotte's cleavage spilling out from her pretty green and white floral sundress, as she lays on the bed white sketching.

The sixth shows Charlotte rocking another bikini while on some scenic stone steps. The green of the bikini plays beautifully off her golden tan, and the distance shot means that her hourglass figure is on full display.

Last, but not least, is another black-and-white glamour shot of Charlotte. She is posed with rollers in her hair, wearing nothing but an oversized men's oxford shirt.

The upload soon early nearly 50,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments.

"Obsessed," wrote a fan, adding two lemon emoji to show her love for the citrus shot.

"Stunning as always," added another, with a heart-eye emoji.

"Wow.... all these pics are gorgeous," sighed a third, with a heart and arrow emoji.

Charlotte had also posted a close up shot of the green bikini she wore in picture six earlier this summer.

The Amalfi Coast was a very popular spot for celebs this summer. For example, other models and entertainment stars who had been in the holiday spot include Karen Gillan and Sofia Richie, who made headlines for her sexy yacht photos, as covered by The Inquisitr.