September 12, 2019
'Russian Kim Kardashian' Anastasiya Kvitko Bursts Out Of Open-Panel Top So Exposing, It Should Be Illegal

Anastasiya Kvitko may just have outdone herself. The social media sensation whose "Russian Kim Kardashian" moniker was documented by The Inquisitr just yesterday has returned to Instagram. The model tends not to post more than one permanent update per day to the platform, but she will take to her Instagram stories to keep fans on their toes.

The Russian's latest story appears to have seen AK flash more chest than many of her bikinis show. In short, the star's most recent look was boundary-pushing at its most fierce. Then again, with a fierce knack for squeezing her enviable curves into minisicule outfits, AK comes as the world's biggest pro.

The story showed AK relaxing during what appeared to be a fun night out. The model appeared seated near a glass balcony overlooking high-rises – perhaps the location was a glitzy bar. With a glass of wine in hand and AK dressed for a night out, it looked like this might just have been the case. Anastasiya was seen in super-tight and black leather pants, although her open-panel top seemed to be taking center stage. The stylish pink number boasted a traditional thin strapping, but the vast and cleavage-exposing cut-out taking up most of the top's front was definitely offering something outside of the ordinary.

AK appeared braless underneath her risqué look, but the delivery was the opposite of a blunder. The Russian looked sensational, sexy, and feminine, with the girly pinks perfectly offsetting the jet-black pants.

AK's fame seems to have exploded. With 11.4 million Instagram followers, the model seems increasingly adored for her own identity and style – while the Kim Kardashian reference still floats around the internet, Anastasiya can easily make a headline without any mention of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.The model has spoken out about her beginnings on social media. Speaking to Women's Fitness, AK admitted that she herself couldn't quite believe how quickly her profile was rising."What can I say about the popularity on Instagram, my account has grown very fast – I can't even follow its growth. I registered on it in August 2014, and since that time my story started in the summer of 2014, after I have been living for about one year in Moscow, then I had registered on Instagram. I used to like take photos of myself and post them on my account, it has since than grown so big," she told the magazine.

Each update seems to rack up more followers for this beauty. Fans wishing to see more of AK should follow her Instagram.