September 12, 2019
Ariel Winter Drops Jaws With Cheeky New Instagram Photo, Fans Rave About Her Beauty

Ariel Winter sent Instagram into overdrive with her latest photo share. The gorgeous 21-year-old actress seemed to be in a flirty mood as she treated fans to a very cheeky selfie on Thursday morning.

Posing in her Los Angeles home, the brunette hottie let loose as she lounged on her couch and showed her playful side by blowing a raspberry to the camera. Ariel accompanied the saucy gesture with a kittenish wink and earned some viral attention in the process, as more than 130,000 people hit the "Like" button on her flirtatious photo.

"So freakin [sic] cute!" one person commented on Ariel's selfie, adding a heart-eyes emoji and a heart emoji for emphasis.

"Love your vibe," wrote a second fan.

A third opined that Ariel was the "spitting image of Angelina Jolie."

Ariel has been killing it on social media lately. The Modern Family actress brought Instagram to its knees on Tuesday after sharing an ultra-racy photo that garnered close to 470,000 likes. The snapshot in question saw Ariel flaunting her spectacular 30-pound weight loss as she exposed her perky chest and deep cleavage in a completely see-through lace lingerie top, as covered by The Inquisitr at the time.

Her latest photo share was significantly tamer in nature and showed Ariel wearing a more conventional outfit. However, the Sofia the First star looked every bit as ravishing and enchanting, as shown by the flurry of compliments that immediately started pouring in as soon as she posted the selfie.

For her latest photo share, Ariel took a break from the glamorous and eye-popping outfits she is usually seen wearing on the red carpet and in her many stylish photoshoots and appeared before the camera in a simple white tee. The trendy piece was inscribed with the words "Super Freak" in black font across the chest, just underneath the round, cleavage-concealing neckline. Two red cherries also adorned the fashionable T-shit, further serving as testament to Ariel's coquettish sense of style.

Closely cropped to her gorgeous face, the selfie didn't reveal what Ariel wore beneath the waistline. However, the bubbly young actress flashed the snake tattoo on her wrist as she posed with her hand raised to her forehead. The pose also showed off her perfect manicure and called attention to her toned arm and slender wrist.

Ariel cut a casual-chic figure in the new selfie. While her outfit was certainly homey and laid-back, her glam told a different story. The actress accentuated her beautiful features with an elegant dark eye shadow and masterfully applied mascara. She accessorized with classy stud silver earrings and let her long raven locks flow freely down her back in a cascade of soft waves.

Needless to say, fans were entranced with her new selfie, one that Ariel aptly captioned with a winking-face-with-tongue emoji.

"Just effin marry me!!! Pleeeease!!! lol So gorgeous," wrote one Instagram user, trailed by a string of flattering emoji.

"Your [sic] soo pretty I just can't get enough. Gotta take double takes with ur beauty," penned another fan, ending their post with a heart emoji.

"OMG HOW R U REAL???" read a third message, written in all caps.

"Crush," quipped a fourth person, followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

While most followers couldn't stop gushing over Ariel's beauty, one eagle-eyed fan spotted a tiny detail that suggested she was not alone when she took the shot. A dog's paw rested on Ariel's chest, barely making it into the frame.

"The doggo paw tho," noticed the Instagram user, adding an eyes emoji and a two-hearts emoji to their comment.