September 12, 2019
Bikini Model Natasha Oakley Gets Sultry In Plunge Swimsuit

Natasha Oakley is keeping the sizzling swimsuit photos rolling with a brand new photo today. Prior to this update, the bikini model shared a photo of herself in a leopard-print ensemble, as described by The Inquisitr.

In the new photo, Oakley was spotted in a black plunge swimsuit. The one-piece was cut in such a way that her cleavage was on full display, while the bottoms had a high cut, which accentuated her long legs.

Natasha posed outdoors at a luxury hotel, as she placed her left hand on the side of the white building. She also held a straw hat in her right hand, as she gave a sultry look.

Behind the model, viewers could see a pool, along with a couple of lounge chairs.

Oakley also wore her hair down in a heavy left part. She kept things simple and didn't any jewelry.

Several days ago, Natasha also shared a photo of herself with her friend, Devin Brugman. The two were spotted in a couple of different poses.

The first photo showed them apparently mid-dance at the beach, as they both flung their arms into the air.

The second photo showed them with their arms around one another, as they laughed.

It's no secret that the two ladies are great friends. After all, they have worked together to take their swimsuit business to the incredible level of success that it's at right now.

The due recently opened up to Us Weekly Magazine in a joint interview, where Natasha talked about why she thinks their brand has done so well.

"Celebrities are busy and constantly being put in uncomfortable situations, so I think they really appreciate anything that will make them feel comfortable and confident," she said.

Oakley also gave fans a sneak peek at her design process.

"We draw our inspiration from the amazing women that we meet and our travels. …The silhouettes we design are inspired by women, what will flatter them, what women that we love ask for and what we love and feel good in ourselves," she explained.

"No two people fit into the same mold, so no two people should be expected to wear a suit that can only be worn one way."
With that being said, it doesn't look like the two are going to slow down anytime soon.

Oakley's fans can hope for even more photos from Bali in the coming days.