September 12, 2019
Cindy Kimberly Gets Flirty In Bralette In Bedroom

Cindy Kimberly shared a new set of photos earlier today, and it's getting a ton of attention on Instagram. So far, there's been over 332,000 people who have liked it. This update comes after she recently shared a sultry photo of herself in a revealing dress, as reported by The Inquisitr.

In these new photos, Cindy posed in front of a mirror, as she rocked a pink bralette and matching shorts. The first photo showed her tugging at the shorts with her hands, as she gazed at her own reflection. Behind her, viewers could see a bed with tons of decorative pillows, and a tufted headboard.

Kimberly also wore her hair down in a middle part, and wore two hair clips on the sides of her head. She gave a sultry look with her lips parted.

In the second photo, Cindy placed her hands in front of her, and slightly leaned forward. She gave a somewhat serious look, as the light hit the left side of her face while the right side was left in shadows.

The model kept her look streamlined, and appeared to go without any jewelry.

Many of Cindy's fans left nice messages for her in the comments section, with plenty of people trying to get creative.

"You look like you just walked out from a beautiful dream @wolfiecindy," said a fan.

"Acting like u don't notice me when I'm all u think about Idky u do that," joked another fan.

Meanwhile, others were more concerned about how to achieve the vibe of the photos for themselves.

"How do u edit these pics with the glitter and faded effects," wondered a follower.

But among all the comments, there was one that triggered a ton of back and forth among Instagram fans.

"Lol imagine girls at my school were as f*cking gorgeous as you," said a fan.

The comment was liked many times by over 40 other fans, but it also led to arguments about whether the comment was malicious or not.

"Lmao if only these lowlifes would put in the effort into actually developing their personality and brain rather than pining over the mythical 'dream girl' and putting down all the other girls they'd actually get somewhere in life," suggested a follower.

At any rate, fans can hope for more updates from Kimberly in the coming days. She's been pretty steady with her posts, so it'll be interesting to see what she has in store next.