September 12, 2019
Georgia Harrison Pops Out Of Shiny Blue Bikini, Teasing Instagram Fans Into A Frenzy

Georgia Harrison, the reality TV personality and star of MTV's The Challenge, recently thrilled her Instagram fans with a photo of herself enjoying a summertime treat. On the show, Harrison, who previously appeared on Love Island, fights for Team U.K.

In the image, Harrison enjoyed a fruit tray as she lounged on steps with her legs spread open. The 24-year-old star wore a tiny blue bikini top with her cleavage popping out of the top. On the bottom, she sported matching string bikini briefs with ties on each side, which showed off her toned midsection.

The reality TV star pulled her blond hair back in a half ponytail, and it fell in waves to her back. She complimented the bikini with casual white and silver tennis shoes. Harrison accessorized with a gold cross necklace and several bracelets. Natural-looking makeup featuring nude lips and sparkly brown eyeshadow completed the look.

In the picture, Harrison ate a juicy red watermelon, and she posted a play on words in the caption, writing a variation of "one in a million" using "melon" instead to create a silly pun. Nearly 15,000 of her 867,000 Instagram followers took the time to press the "like" button on the sexy summer share.

"Gorgeous look. Looks like the endless summer," wrote West Hollywood psychotherapist James Guay.

"Love this color on you!!" gushed English reality TV star Ché Mcsorley.

Of course, some followers were less than thrilled about a recent controversy involving The Challenge competitor.

"Please address the blackface situation so people will hop off of you. Ignoring it is not cute," replied a fan.

According to a People report, a photo of Harrison in blackface makeup appeared recently on social media. A representative for the MTV star said that Harrison is not a racist, and explained the details of the photo.

According to the rep, several years ago, the reality TV star attended a child's birthday party, and he asked to paint her face. The birthday boy chose to paint it black and silver, and Harrison never considered it racist or anything other than a child enjoying a birthday celebration. Her co-star, Theo Campbell, spoke out in Harrison's defense, and he noted that blackface was not a "thing" across the pond.

Recently, The Inquisitr reported spoilers for this season of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. If the spoilers are correct, ultimately, Harrison is supposed to end up eliminated by competitor Tori Deal, which means she is not expected to make it to the finals.