September 12, 2019
Anouk Matton Rocks G-String Bikini

Anouk Matton shared a flirty bikini pic with her 278,000 Instagram followers today. These type of updates seem to garner tons of attention for the DJ. This was the case previously when she rocked a white bikini, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The newest update showed Anouk sitting on the edge of what looks like a floating boat. She sat upright with her left hand on her leg while placing her right hand by her chin. She smiled with her lips slightly parted while looking off into the distance.

The bikini that Anouk wore included a tan-colored top with black dots, along with a g-string bikini bottom that peeked through. It appeared to have a matching print as the top but seemed to have a little shine to it.

Matton also wore her blond hair down, which blew in the wind. She rocked light pink lipstick and dark mascara, along with a bright red or orange manicure. It was hard to see if she wore a necklace, but she sported a watch on her left wrist.

The backdrop included light blue ocean waters, as she geotagged this update in Ibiza. And it certainly looked like she was having a great time in the tropical paradise.

Over 17,900 fans have liked it so far.

There were plenty of rave reviews of the picture in the comments section. Plus, Matton's sister appeared to stop by to post a sweet message.

"My pretty little sister! You are the purest, kindest, sweetest soul I Will ever know and I love you so so so much. Thank you for being my sister & my best friend. LY," she said.

Other fans had comments and questions about her DJ gigs.

"Are u coming to Winterland festival with Dimitri Vegas and like Mike?" asked a curious follower.

"Very good music yesterday at ushuaia," complimented another follower.

"@dimitrivegassnatching the mike from @likemikeand screaming -'Let me see that booty bounce,'" noted a fan, who seemingly saw one of her previous sets.

Furthermore, others found something other than the photo itself to comment on.

"That caption is everything," declared a fan.

Prior to this update, Matton shared another photo of herself a couple of days ago. It showed her doing a major hair flip, as she wore her hair in a high ponytail Anouk also wore an off-the-shoulder black top, along with light pink leggings. She also held a large, black bag on her left elbow.

This update received over 21,000 likes.