‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Drives Instagram Wild In Impossibly Tight Peach Yoga Pants

Yanet Garcia
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Yanet Garcia is driving her fans nuts all over again. Now a full-blown social media sensation on account of her status as the “world’s hottest weather girl,” per The Inquisitr, this Mexican has Instagram followers galore and a fanbase that appears to be awaiting her every update.

Yanet’s photo today appeared to come from her home. The star appeared in a room with gray-colored couches and wooden floors with a purple-colored rug. Yanet appeared to have somewhat color-coordinated her outfit with the flooring, although it was probably accidental.

The star had been photographed from behind as she flaunted her behind in the world’s tightest pair of yoga pants. The peach-colored lowers were hugging Yanet’s every curve, although this fitness queen has plenty of muscle to back her up. Yanet had paired her yoga pants with a cute black crop top, although with the star having been shot from behind, fans didn’t see too much of her top.

Nonetheless, the booty-flaunting was pretty full-on. Yanet appeared with her left leg slightly folded; fans also saw hints of black-and-white sneakers completing the athletic look. Yanet wore her much-loved headwear, of course. While this star sometimes opts for fun cowboy hats, today featured a simple black baseball cap to match the crop top.

Yanet was seen holding a tub of nutrition supplements; Garcia seems to know that nourishment is a good contributor toward her fit and fabulous body.

The snap seemed to explode in no time, racking up over 65,000 likes within just 35 minutes of going live. Clearly, this girl knows how to rake in the engagement. With the star mostly having a Hispanic fanbase, many comments were made in Spanish, although a fair few Anglophones appeared to pop their heads into the comments section.

Yanet was praised in virtually every way possible, with fans telling her how beautiful she is, leaving flattering words about her killer physique.

Yanet’s updates are frequently fitness-centric. The star seems to take working out seriously, with her wardrobe frequently reflecting it. That said, the athleisurewear look isn’t the only one that Yanet will rock. The star usually sizzles in sexy Daisy Dukes or mini dresses, with a recent look showing Yanet rocking a skintight pink dress paired with thigh-high boots. Yanet also shares sweet selfies and moments that appear to show her on-set.

With 11.4 million Instagram followers, Yanet seems set for superstardom. Her account is also followed by some well-known faces, with both model Sommer Ray and Nicaraguan fitness star Dolly Castro keeping tabs on her.