Viral Videos Appear To Show Antonio Brown Together With Rape Accuser Britney Taylor In Intimate Settings

A series of videos gaining viral interest on social media appears to show Antonio Brown together with rape accuser Britney Taylor in intimate settings, creating rampant speculation about the allegations facing the New England Patriots wide receiver.

The videos have made the rounds on Twitter close to a day after the first reports of Taylor's lawsuit against Brown. There is no context given to the videos, which were originally published by a celebrity gossip website called Hollywood Unlocked. In the videos, Brown appeared to be engaged in some lighthearted play with Taylor, and in one of the videos, the two appeared to sit close together.

Though the clips led many to speculate that Taylor may have fabricated the charges, the short clips did not seem to show any intimate contact between the two, and did not appear to prove or disprove any of the allegations against Antonio Brown nor did it seem to shed any new light on the claims from Taylor. As The Inquisitr reported, Taylor has accused Brown of sexually assaulting her on a series of occasions while she was working as a personal trainer for him.

The federal lawsuit filed by Taylor goes into some graphic detail about the encounters, which Taylor claimed started with unwanted touching and kissing.

"Brown exposed himself and kissed [her] without her consent. Later that month, Brown, while positioned behind her, began masturbating near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back," the lawsuit read.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that there was close to a year between incidents, but the next time, Brown allegedly became more forceful and violent.

"Brown cornered [her] forced her down onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her," the lawsuit claimed.

Taylor claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Brown at his home in Pittsburgh and another home in Florida. Brown, meanwhile, maintained that the two had a consensual relationship.

It was not clear who could have released the short videos of Antonio Brown together with rape accuser Britney Taylor, or exactly when the videos were filmed.

As Sports Illustrated reported, Taylor is scheduled to meet with the NFL over her allegations against Antonio Brown. It's not clear yet whether the New England Patriots wide receiver could be facing a suspension, though the league and commissioner Roger Goodell do have the power to suspend players even when they have not been convicted of crimes.