Ayla Woodruff Shows Off Tanned Bikini Bod On Instagram

Ayla Woodruff shared a brand new bikini pic, and it was all about her bikini bod. The post has been liked over 71,000 times so far, and showed her in a black-and-red ensemble.

It's hardly the first time that the Instagram star has set her social media ablaze with her good looks. Previously, she showed off her figure in a sheer top, as reported by The Inquisitr.

But the newest post showed Ayla rocking swimwear. The bikini top was black with a red strip in the center, along with straps with silver, circular accents. Her bottoms were matching, and featured the same straps. And unlike most bikinis that tie at the hips, this one had buckles.

Woodruff posed on a set of stone stairs, and leaned into a step and propped herself up with her left arm. She also threw her head back and closed her eyes, while the light hit her body and illuminated her tan.

Not only that, her toned body was on full display. Ayla completed her look with a small necklace, and wore her hair down. It was difficult to see all of her makeup thanks to her pose, but she wore a shimmery lipstick and emphasized her lashes with mascara.

Ayla's fans sounded off in the comments about how amazing they thought she looked in the photo. One fan, in particular, didn't seem to have an end to their compliments.

"I can't stand it anymore you're too beautiful and amazing and awesome and beautiful and awesome and amazing," they said.

"Absolutely gorgeous but you're pretty to me in a pair of sweat pants and an old t-shirt I don't care," said another fan.

"I mean I knew you were beautiful miss Woodruff ever since you were Logan's assistant, but my goodness," complimented a follower.

Meanwhile, there were some haters that showed up.

"No offense but do you eat," commented an Instagram user.

The model's fans had plenty to say in response, with some defending Ayla.

"Just because someone is thin doesn't mean they don't eat. if she loves her body enough to post it you don't need to reply with a disrespectful comment," noted a fan.

And prior to this update, Woodruff shared a photo of herself in a black bikini. She posed inside on top of a cow-print rug, and rocked a pair of silver boots. She also held a book, which she hugged to her chest.

This update received over 113,000 likes.