September 11, 2019
Cindy Prado Bursts Out Of Soaking-Wet Bikini In Triple Update & Instagram Is Begging For More

Cindy Prado appears to have outdone herself. Knockout bikini updates might be the reason why this model has become a full-blown social media sensation, but the blonde's fans would likely argue that her most recent Instagram update is her best to date. Cindy has already made The Inquisitr's headlines today for a lime green bikini she wore a few days ago, but today is a whole different story. Cindy has delivered a triple update, a brand new look, and a stunning setting to match the girl filling it.

Cindy's update today had an interesting geotag; the model indicated that she was at Miami International Airport in Florida. Unless this terminal has revamped its interiors to include ocean-like settings, lush palms, and pools, it can be assumed that Cindy was at a property near the airport.

Photos showed Cindy semi-submerged in water that seemed to blend into a background of the ocean. A distant bridge afforded a luxe feel, but fans weren't losing their minds over the surroundings. Cindy was taking up the foreground in a tiny and soaking wet bikini in blue shades, with her super-fit and curvy body on show. The star's slim and shapely waist, flat stomach, and ample cleavage were all visible, with fans also seeing her beautiful facial features.

While the first two photos showed Cindy posing in a somewhat-professional manner, the third saw her crack a beautiful smile with body language that seemed to express sheer joy.

Fans have been going absolutely nuts, with many a comment suggesting that this model's followers wanted more.

"Gorgeous. Seeing your photos every day makes me a very happy person," said a fan who clearly follows this model's feed religiously.

"Are you doing a 2020 calendar?" one fan asked with similar enthusiasm.

"Love it can't get enough of you," was another comment.

Responses may have come from fans, but it looks like this update also saw Cindy further shine with a little brand reach-out.

"OMG Your style is amazing Contact us babe We'd love to collaborate with you," posted an unnamed brand.

Cindy is already affiliated with a brand. The model's Instagram bio used to feature a simple announcement that she loves pasta and wine. Things have changed. Cindy's bio now announces her partnership with KO Watches, the brand is affiliated with a fair few swimwear models on Instagram.

Clearly, things are looking up for this beauty. Fans wishing to stay updated on Cindy's looks and activities should follow her Instagram.