Alyssa Milano Admits To Ted Cruz That She Has Two Guns In Her Home For Self-Defense

Ryan Ledendecker

On Tuesday, a rare meeting between actress and outspoken gun reform activist Alyssa Milano and staunch pro-gun rights Sen. Ted Cruz took place in his Washington, D.C., office. The two met to discuss the always-controversial topic of gun violence and reform, according to Fox News.

Milano was reportedly unsure that the meeting would actually happen, given the recent jabs they've both traded on Twitter, some of which were pointed. The back-and-forth eventually led to Cruz extending an invitation to Milano to sit down and discuss the issues face-to-face after she challenged him to a debate, per The Inquisitr.

"I felt like this meeting was important, obviously, to reach across the aisle, to have a civil discussion on this matter, to look at him in the eye and say you're on the wrong side of this," Milano said of her decision to take up the senator on his invite.

Milano and Cruz were joined by gun control activist Ben Jackson and Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter during the deadly mass shooting that took place last year in Parkland, Florida.

While Guttenberg was making a point to Cruz that his idea gun control reform was not about taking away one's right to self-defense, at about 13 minutes into the discussion, Milano interjected and pointed out to Cruz that she has guns in her own home for self-defense.

"By the way," Milano said, "I have two guns in my household for self-defense, just so you know."

Milano later told CNN's Chris Cuomo that she was convinced Cruz was aware of the "magnitude" of the current issue of gun reform on the heels of several deadly mass shootings. She also stressed that the issue should transcend politics.

"And the most important thing, I think, on this issue is that this is not even a bipartisan issue, it's a non-partisan issue," Milano said.

According to USA Today, Milano and Guttenberg both highlighted how important it is that Cruz, a senator, takes action on the issue of gun reform, citing the limited resources they have to make change as civilians.

Cruz made several points about the potential outcomes of more restrictive gun legislation, claiming that buyback programs and gun registries are the first steps for gun confiscation.

While no official agreements were made by Cruz on any of the issues mentioned by Milano and Guttenberg, the Charmed actress later reported in a tweet that was appreciative of the meeting and called the Texas senator "gracious."

The discussion was livestreamed to Facebook, lasting just over an hour.