‘Sleeping Dogs: Year Of The Snake’ DLC Details

'Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake' DLC details

Sleeping Dogs is getting the “Year of the Snake” DLC next week, and here are some details to tide you over.

Square Enix has announced “Year of the Snake” DLC for their magnum opus Sleeping Dogs to be released next week. The bundle will cost 560 MS points, and is available simultaneously for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Set immediately after the events of the main game, “Year of the Snake” gives us the further story of Wei Shen after returning to the Hong Kong Police Department and being forced to prove his worth. Wei Shen has been busted down to a beat cop all over again.

Players are given six extra missions where they take on “a vicious end-of-the-world cult hell-bent on cleansing the city of its evils.” In addition to the new threat, Shen’s arsenal has also been supplemented with weapons to help make the job a bit easier. Tear gas grenade launchers and tazers will be added for those who purchase the “Year of the Snake” DLC.

The latest adventure kicks off with Wei Shen writing out a ticket when he sees a member of the Cult of the Snake doing something suspicious. He must chase the suspect down and bring him back to the station for interrogation, where the suspect keeps rambling that “unbelievers will be cast down into hell.”

Wei Shen suddenly finds himself putting out fires and chasing bomb threats throughout the city.

If you’ve already bought the Law Enforcer DLC, you’ll be kicking yourself over it, as a police car and motorbike will now be available, alongside new police uniforms. You’ll be able to make traffic move out of your way with the police siren, which you’ll have to earn.

Are you excited for next week’s release of the Sleeping Dogs DLC “Year of the Snake”?