Tara Reid Drives Instagram Wild In ‘Baywatch’ Style Swimsuit On Malibu Beach

Tara Reid attends the RIM presentation of the new 'BlackBerry Bold' at Kameha Suite on October 21, 2009
Florian Seefried / Getty Images

Tara Reid might have made her name as an actress in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but the American Pie actress hasn’t been forgotten. The 43-year-old’s fans still consider her to be America’s unofficial sweetheart – with that blue-eyed and blonde-haired charm, Tara’s appeal will likely never fade. The star took to Instagram recently with a beach snap that’s been driving the platform wild, although the post itself didn’t seem to have a serious agenda.

Tara’s photo showed her braving fresh ocean spray on the beach – per the geotag, the photo was taken in Malibu, California. The blonde had channeled a full Baywatch look by virtue of a plunging, red one-piece swimsuit, with her semi-crouching position flashing a fair amount of cleavage. Tara appeared happy and carefree, though. The star was looking at the camera as she appeared to both smile and gasp in the candid snap. Quite simply, it seemed that Tara had been caught in the waves and was loving it. The actress had offered a reminder of her movie past — a baseball cap with the American Pie logo was placed atop her head.

Tara delivered her moment with a caption that seemed to suggest that joy doesn’t always prove consistent, but the “waves” mention was definitely playing on the water around her. Tara used a wave emoji alongside a happy face.

Fans seemed to be loving it.

“You Gorgeous queen Baywatch vibes,” one fan wrote in what was likely a pick-up on the red swimsuit.

“Class pic tara are we getting another slice of the LR I hope so,” another fan wrote.

“There she is I’ve missed you, gorgeous pic,” read another comment that came with three fire emoji.

Plenty more comments came in suggesting that fans were indeed going wild. In fact, the post seemed to have attracted some brands, with a few companies leaving Tara a note saying that they wanted to collaborate with her. The post itself also proved popular considering Tara’s relatively-modest Instagram following of about 226,000 followers. It racked up over 2,300 likes.

Tara’s Instagram does show a fair few swimwear snaps, but it likewise showcases her stylish clothing choices and her life overall. Her captions tend to be motivational, with Tara appearing to feel happier and healthier than ever. Tara may have made The Inquisitr‘s headlines recently for a pretty major wardrobe malfunction, but this tough cookie doesn’t let a little negative press get to her.

Fans would likely agree that Tara looked sensational in her update. Anyone wishing to see more of Tara should give her Instagram a follow.