Ben Affleck In New ‘To The Wonder’ Footage

Little has been said about Terrence Malick’s upcoming release To The Wonder. Little by little the films details, which were initial shrouded in secretly have been revealed in teaser trailers, and a full-blown theatrical trailer. While this film hints that Malick isn’t straying from the way he framed actors in his previous film The Tree of Life, the details of the plot seem to be loose and a bit unknown if you’re just going from the ambiguous footage.

New footage of Academy Award winner Ben Affleck has been released from To The Wonder. As Affleck’s Argo campaign fueled up, so was the image of the actor in the film, although reviews of To The Wonder cite that he hardly has dialogue in the film, like most of the characters.

Alas, fans of Affleck can watch the actor painted in a unique frame that only Malick can bring to the screen. The unorthodox filmmaking, with grand visuals and minimalist dialogue is seen in new footage of Affleck alongside two leading ladies Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams.

Throughout the film’s development, there has been confusion over who the female lead was. Prior to festival screenings, it was first believed that Rachel McAdams was the lead, but now it’s said that it’s in fact Kurylenko. Meanwhile, Rachel Weisz who filmed a part was reportedly completely cut from the film entirely.

The official synopsis of To The Wonder reads:

“Parisian single mother Marina (Olga Kurylenko) and Midwestern tourist Neil (Ben Affleck) fall madly in love in France and relocate to Oklahoma with Marina’s young daughter to start a life together. As their relationship wanes and her visa nears expiration, Marina makes the acquaintance of a priest and fellow exile (Javier Bardem) who is struggling with his faith, while Neil renews a relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Jane (Rachel McAdams).”

So far To The Wonder has received mixed reviews at best, with some chosen critics booing the film at its initial screenings, but there’s still buzz around the film. Still, there’s no denying the beautiful cinematography by Emannuel Lubezki. Although it probably isn’t a typical narrative for the movie going audience, it may just come together to be yet another masterpiece by Malick. One of what’s expected to be many more from the director, who currently has four films due in the next few years.

Are you excited to see Ben Affleck in To The Wonder?