September 11, 2019
Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Matt Fiddes Reportedly Fears Losing His Son To A Mysterious Illness

Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes has been in the news lately for the documentary Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth, which seeks to discredit the sexual abuse allegations brought forth by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the controversial HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland. But the Daily Mail writes that he's also been busy with his youngest son, Hero, who reportedly has a mysterious superbug that doctors have been unable to cure.

Fiddes reportedly lives in fear that his son could die at any moment and recently faced this fear while on vacation at a luxury resort in Belek with his wife, Moniqe, when Hero had a seizure after his body temperature shot up to 37.7 Celsius.

"'We were sitting by the pool when we got a phone call about his temperature and they asked us to bring Calpol for him from our room as they can't administer medicine," he said. "Moniqe and I immediately knew what was happening and we started to run to help Hero."

The seizure led to cardiac arrest and Hero fell unconscious, although Fiddes says that he is now doing well save for some damage to his eyes due to a lack of oxygen. As for the cause, doctors are stumped.

"The doctors did warn us after Hero's first seizure that some children and toddlers have a superbug which causes them to have a seizure, their heart to stop and they have no idea where it has come from."
Although doctors can't quite figure out the cause of Hero's condition, he is now on anti-seizure drugs that he will take for three years. Fiddes and his Monique must also carry an emergency drug with them in case of another episode.
Fiddes has vehemently defended Jackson against the purportedly untrue claims against him. During his appearance in Chase the Truth, he suggested that all of Jackson's accusers are motivated by financial gain.

"There's no evidence. It's always money, it's always financial," he said, per The Sun.

In addition to his role in Chase the Truth, Fiddes rejected recent reports suggesting that Marlon Brando made Jackson cry after pressing him about his sexuality and asking him about his lack of adult friends, per The Inquisitr. Along with Brando's son, Miko, Fiddes claims that the allegations were part of a publicity stunt to advertise the Telephone Stories podcast, which covered the transcript of Brando's alleged statement.

"Totally untrue story, he said on Twitter.