Mike Wallace Sought By Vikings To Replace Percy Harvin

Mike Wallace Tops Miami's Wishlist

The Minnesota Vikings have added their name to the list of teams interested in free agent Mike Wallace.

The Vikings, who are currently deciding whether or not they should re-sign Percy Harvin, could end up playing with two big downfield threats in 2013. The more likely option, however, is that the Vikings will part way with Harvin in order to sign Wallace.

Harvin and the Vikings haven’t entered negotiations yet but the wide receiver reportedly wants a deal similar to the $132 million, 8 year contract that Calvin Johnson got from Detroit.

The Vikings don’t seem too eager to hand out a contract that size to Harvin especially since the wide receiver and coach Leslie Frazier have had a few altercations.

But the Vikings said earlier this year that they wouldn’t ditch Harvin because of personality issues.

General manager Rick Spielman said: “Percy Harvin is a member of this football team and he is a very good football player. We don’t like to get rid of good football players.”

That is, unless they can replace those good players with other good players. And if the Vikings do decide to get rid of Harvin they’ll have to make sure they have someone like Wallace lined up to take his spot. The Vikings had the second worst passing offense in the NFL during the 2012 season. Harvin was able to put up some solid numbers during the first half of the season but he was injured after nine games. Still, his 62 catches for 677 yards were still the best on the team at the end of the season.

If Minnesota does decide to part ways with Harvin it will be after they have a replacement like Mike Wallace ready to go.

One source said: “[The Vikings are] in a tough spot … If you don’t take some aggressive action, this could get really bad.”

Of course, it isn’t going to be easy to secure Wallace. The Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, and New England Patriots are all reportedly interested in taking Wallace.

Do you think Mike Wallace will end up in a Vikings uniform?