'Russian Kim Kardashian' Anastasiya Kvitko Sunbathes In Shimmer Salmon Swimsuit, Sets New Bar For Tightness

Anastasiya Kvitko just keeps on delivering. The "Russian Kim Kardashian" now arguably comes with more of a reputation for curves than the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star herself, with various media outlets, including The Sun, documenting AK's moniker. Kvitko now comes with a major Instagram following on account of her sizzling frame and eye-popping swimwear displays, with some brand-new content landing on the platform just today.

Anastasiya took to her Instagram stories for a little video time that showcased some sunbathing, a new swimsuit, and what appeared to be AK setting a new bar for just how tight she'll go. The footage differed from the professionally-shot and full-length images that appear in the model's permanent social media posts. No pros in the photography department seemed to be around, with Kvitko herself taking the reins in the camera department. The star had opted for a selfie finish, with the video swinging up and down as the brunette sunbathed on a white towel.

The camera might not have been set up with Kvitko posing for a shoot, but it seemed to do the trick in terms of showcasing the model's insane curves. AK was rocking a salmon-colored one-piece with a shimmer affect to the fabrics, with the sun's beating rays making the effect all the more eye-catching. Fans saw AK's super-curvy hips, slim waist, and hints of the cleavage she is so famous for.

Fans may well have been drawing comparisons between today's swimsuit and one donned by the model four days ago. With the rust-colored bathing suit donned near a balcony being thin-strapped and today's one boasting cute metallic buttons near the chest, though, it was a whole different look. Fans got way more shimmer, plus a reminder that this model regularly tops up her tan the natural way.Anastasiya now comes with over 10 million Instagram followers. The model who was initially turned away from the industry on account of being too curvy now appears to be having the last laugh, with rarely a week going by without her social media updates making a headline. As The Inquisitr reported just yesterday, AK had her fans in "awe" as she modeled an outfit that wasn't even swimwear. While one- or two-pieces might rake in the highest engagement for this Russian, she can just as easily have jaws dropping over her stylish daywear looks.Given that AK sometimes offers fans a sneak peek via her stories before posting a permanent update, today's salmon-colored look may just pop up on her feed soon.