September 11, 2019
Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Obrecht Grows Increasingly Bold As Sasha Recovers

Sasha is recovering from the avian flu that Cassandra managed to give her, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she will immediately face another significant challenge. Liesl knows that Sasha isn't really Nina's biological daughter, and Thursday's show will bring the two together in a conversation about this.

Valentin and Sasha have been scrambling for months now to keep this secret under wraps. Obrecht has known that Valentin faked the DNA test results for essentially this entire time, and she even pressured Brad to fake new test results related to Sasha's flu to ensure the ruse continued.

However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Obrecht may not be able to resist using this secret to further her own objectives in some way once again. The sneak peek for Thursday's show revealed that Obrecht will find a moment alone with Sasha and make it clear she's well aware of the secret Sasha's been desperate to hide.

While Valentin can hold his own against Obrecht, Sasha likely doesn't stand a chance. Not only that, but she doesn't necessarily have anything that Liesl would want in terms of securing continued secrecy. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that this conversation might be the catalyst for Sasha to finally tell the truth to somebody.

The weekly preview shared via the show's Instagram page shows Sasha talking to Michael later this week. She already told him once that when she was well, she had some important things to tell him. Now, General Hospital spoilers detail that in this next conversation, she'll edge even closer.

Will Sasha really come clean with Michael, admitting that she's not Nina's daughter? It seems likely that she'll continue to skate around the truth for now. However, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps do hint at developments over the next few shows with this storyline.

Thursday's episode brings a celebration for Obrecht, Nina, and Valentin, while Brad gets some help he desperately needs. Next week, Willow will find Michael feeling quite upset, perhaps over whatever happens next with Sasha.

As The Inquisitr has previously detailed, Brad finally admitted the truth about Wiley's real identity to Julian, and he now is pushing Julian to use his former mob connections to get rid of Obrecht. Liesl certainly is getting quite bold, as she'll even ask Brad for another favor soon. However, viewers know that she should never be underestimated.

Viewers are anxious to see Michael learn that Jonah is alive, as well as see Valentin have to take responsibility for lying to Nina. Obrecht has been at the center of these storylines for months, and General Hospital spoilers hint that it's Obrecht's involvement that will force these two situations to overlap and the truth to be revealed. It may still take a while to play out, but it looks as if the show is finally, truly, headed in that direction.