Michelle Williams Did Not Dump Jason Segel By Text, Rep Confirms

michelle williams split

Since the news broke out about Michelle Williams and Jason Segel’s demise, there have been rumors flying around about what could have possibly been the cause. The two seemed awfully happy while creating a family unit in Upstate, New York, and in Red Hook, Brooklyn. While most cite Williams as being the one to pull the plug on the relationship, PEOPLE magazine points that the main reason came down to distance, even though the break up seems to be more on Williams’ side.

With that said, the news that the split happened at Williams’ hand has fired off a few speculations about what happened underneath the initial reason of “distance” seeing as the couple was able to make the relationship work from coast to coast over the last year. Star magazine had pushed that envelope a little further and hinted that the split was anything but amicable, as it was initially reported by US Weekly. The magazine reported that Williams “broke up with Jason by text. A friend told the magazine ‘She felt terrible’ but she ‘didn’t want to deal with him face-to-face.’

While that seems to be out of character for the demure Michelle Williams, it did spark some interest from a few outlets. GossipCop sought out the angle Star took, and while neither Segel or Williams have commented on the split, Michelle Williams’ rep did confirm that the Star story is in fact ludicrous, citing the article is: “completely fabricated and not true!”

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams started their private romance in February 2012 before news broke out a month later after Segel and Williams were seen taking a stroll, and then later Segel at the park with Williams’ daughter Matilda. When asked by Extra, Segel said of the relationship: “I think we would just very much like to be happy.”