Amanda Bynes Accused Of Drug Use By Fans After She Posts First Photo In Months

Former actress Amanda Bynes debuted a new Instagram account yesterday in a move that marked a return to social media after months of silence, and fans had a lot to say about Bynes' new photo.

As The Inquisitr noted yesterday, The Amanda Show actress received positive comments on her first photo on the Facebook-owned photo sharing platform, though the ability to comment on Bynes' photos has disappeared. The fashion school graduate could have disabled her comments if she didn't like what users were saying, but the actress couldn't stop fans from replying to her post on Twitter.

While many of the comments on Twitter remained positive, there was a fair share of negative reaction to the 33-year-old's Instagram debut.

Several fans even wondered if the celebrity had, once again, turned to illegal drug use.

"I see that meth is really kicking in," one user said underneath Bynes' Twitter post that linked her 2.9 million followers to her new Instagram account.

Some social media users seemed genuinely concerned for the former actress.

"I think whatever happened to Amanda bynes [sic] is the greatest Hollywood mystery," one person said on Twitter.

In an interview with Paper Magazine published late last year, the star admitted to using drugs when the filming of her last major movie, Easy A, had wrapped. According to that interview, Bynes said she used marijuana and tried cocaine and ecstasy, but regularly abused Adderall.

Others, however, took issue with the 33-year-old's appearance. As The Inquisitr noted yesterday, the actress had previously had a bizarre relationship with social media, and her return to Instagram had fans surprised.

Since the What I Like About You actress posted the first photo to her Instagram account, which debuted her bright pink hair, Bynes has posted three more photos and racked up some 66,000 followers on the platform. In one of the photos Bynes posted, she can be seen donning her radiant pink locks with some heart-shaped sunglasses in a shade of bright red with a complimentary purple lip color.

In her most recent photo, fans might be confused as to why the former actress is sporting her more classic blond shade of hair. But, as Bynes addresses in the post's caption, the photo was taken at a tattoo shop before she dyed her hair pink. The actress hasn't yet taken to her new Instagram account to show off any new ink, but that hasn't stopped the actress from racking up almost 15,000 likes on her most recent photo.

Bynes rose to fame as a child due to her appearances on Nickelodeon's All That and on her own self-titled variety show The Amanda Show, which ran from 1999 to 2002. Earlier this year, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).