September 11, 2019
Florida Parents Press Charges Against Their Teenage Daughter Who Allegedly Hired A Hit Man To Kill Them

A Florida couple is pressing charges against their teenage daughter who allegedly stole money from them and then allegedly used that money to pay a hit man to murder them, CNN reports.

Alyssa Michelle Hatcher, 17, is accused of stealing $1,500 from her parents' bank account, money she allegedly used to purchase cocaine as well as hire someone to kill the couple.

Specifically, according to Orlando's WKMG-TV, Hatcher allegedly stole her parents' debit card and withdrew $500. She later allegedly told police that she spent $100 of the money on cocaine, and the remaining $400 allegedly was used to try to hire someone to kill her parents. She is also accused of attempting to send $926.40 to someone on PayPal; according to CNN, that payment was part of a second attempt to hire someone to kill her parents.

Hatcher's mother found that her debit card was missing from her wallet. Later, she found her debit card, along with a piece of paper with her bank account information written on it, in her daughter's room. She reported the fraudulent transactions and the debit card theft to the Umatilla Police Department on Sunday.

Elsewhere, at Tavares High School, where Alyssa was a student, a friend of Hatcher told a school resource officer about Alyssa's alleged attempts to hire a murderer.

Further, Hatcher's boyfriend told investigators he had seen her at "a known drug house" where she told him she wanted to kill her parents, according to police.

Hatcher was arrested on Monday.

As of this writing, police have not put together a possible motive for this crime. Sgt. Fred Jones from the Lake County Sheriff's Office says that Hatcher was known around town for how vehemently she purportedly hated her parents but doesn't know why.

"There's nothing that your parents can do — being your grounded, your cars taken away, you can't go to the prom or wherever — for you to get to this point," he said.

On Tuesday, Hatcher was transferred from the detention facility at the Lake County Sheriff's Office to a juvenile detention facility in Ocala. She faces charges of two counts of criminal solicitation for murder.

Last week, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, a 14-year-old Alabama boy allegedly confessed to killing his entire family, including his parents and siblings. A woman identifying herself as a cousin of the teenager said that, before the murders, the boy had learned that the woman whom he had thought all of his life was his mother was actually his stepmother, a revelation that the cousin believes may have driven him to murder.