September 11, 2019
Jill Duggar Responds To Fans' Concerns About Her Son Israel's Teeth

Jill Duggar's latest collection of Instagram snapshots was meant to document a fun family day at the library, but one of her photos had some of her fans raising the alarm about her oldest son's teeth.

On Tuesday, Jill took to Instagram to share a carousel of three images that were taken during a family trip to the library. However, no members of her family are reading in any of the snapshots. According to the Counting On star, she decided to take her two sons to the quiet building full of books so that they could burn off some energy.

"One of those days where we needed a library playtime!" she captioned her post. "Any of you other #moms out there identify? Too much energy for being home! #boymom."

In Jill's first photo, 2-year-old Samuel Scott Dillard is playing in a kiddie pool ball pit with a big grin on his face. In the second, Jill is using a library aisle for an impromptu fashion photo shoot. The 28-year-old mother of two is rocking a light red T-shirt that is half-tucked into a pair of ripped skinny jeans, and she has a brown gingham bow in her waist-length hair. In her Instagram stories, Jill revealed that the photo was taken as part of a paid promo for the Citrus and Lemon clothing boutique.

The photo of Jill elicited one critical comment from a fan who accused her of being too old to wear a bow in her hair, with the critic quoting her husband as saying that "he wants to see a woman not a girl."

However, it was the third photo of 4-year-old Israel David Dillard that really had some of Jill's followers up in arms.

In the snapshot, Israel is smiling while he plays with two stuffed fish. His two front teeth appear slightly discolored, as some of Jill's followers were quick to note.

"Oh my god what happened to Israels teeth," one fan remarked.

After the same commenter wrote that the little boy's teeth look "rotten," many of Jill's fans were quick to jump to her defense. However, she actually admitted that there was something wrong with her son's teeth; she just wasn't sure how his mouth ended up that way.

"Dentist said it's most likely from and injury...falling or something," Jill wrote, ending her response with a shrugging emoji.

Fans thanked her for answering the question, with many of her followers writing that they were mothers of children who had suffered similar injuries. Jill didn't elaborate on Israel's mouth issues, but at least the little boy is still smiling.

This isn't the first time that one of Jill's Instagram posts has left fans questioning her parenting abilities when it comes to her oldest son's mouth. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she was recently criticized for letting Israel chew a piece of gum that had been stuck in her hair.