September 11, 2019
British Babe Helen Flanagan Gets Soaking Wet In Hot Pink Bikini On Dubai Beach

Helen Flanagan may not be a well-known face in the U.S., but this British hottie was bound to get noticed stateside following her latest headline. The soap actress is much-loved in the U.K. for her starring role on Coronation Street, although it doesn't look like Helen is anywhere near Britain right now. The 29-year-old has recently been photographed enjoying the sun out in Dubai, with a bright and hot pink swimwear look definitely reflecting the location's heat.

As the Daily Mail reports, Helen has been spotted frolicking Middle Eastern shores with fiancé Scott Sinclair. The star was snapped with her beau, although photos equally showed the Brit alone. Eyes were likely on this mother of two's summer-ready body. Helen was flaunting her killer frame in a bright two-piece, with the bikini's cut-out panels affording an unusual twist on the standard look. The star's long legs, taut abs, and shapely waist were all on show, as was the tan Helen seems to have acquired during her time in Dubai.

Helen appeared relaxed and loved-up. The newspaper's report also showed the star getting soaking wet as she switched up the shorefront stroll for a bit of a dip.

Helen might be a television star, but this parent also proves a talking point on account of her motherhood. Helen is a mom to two daughters named Matilda and Delilah. As the Daily Mail reports, Helen has been active and open about her motherhood journey on social media.

"This week's been hard but not as hard as I expected. I made the decision to stop feeding my baby after 13 months this week and it was the right decision for me but not always easy," she wrote to her followers.

The star also revealed some health problems.

"I've had mastitis this week too. I'm going to write a blog this week coming on my website when I'm not so sleep deprived about hormones, periods returning after feeding and mummy guilt," she added.

Helen seems to fall into the category of celebrities who have yet to make a name for themselves in the U.S. That said, given that so many Brits have done just that, it's not outside the realm of possibility for Helen to find herself as a celebrity in America. Former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, music mogul Simon Cowell, and U.K.-raised singer Rita Ora have all found fame stateside. Rita herself recently made The Inquisitr's headlines for a twerking video.

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