September 11, 2019
Fans Accuse Sofia Richie Of Stealing Kourtney Kardashian's Look

Sofia Richie's fans think she bears a striking resemblance to boyfriend Scott Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian. The 21-year-old shared a snap in celebration of the Diesel RedTag x AColdWall collection launch on Instagram. The model posed standing in front of a red booth, wearing a muted, earth-toned tie-dye sweatshirt tucked into black leather pants. Lionel Richie's daughter styled her long blonde hair in loose waves and opted to wear minimal makeup, subtly enhancing her gorgeous features.

In the comments section, fans were quick to point out that the social media mogul looked like the eldest Kardashian sister.

"Is it just me or does she look like Kourtney but blonde…" asked a follower.

"U look like a blonde Kourtney. Identical," said a commenter.

"Wow. Kourtney went blonde," added another.

"Looking good Kourtney," commented a different fan.

"I swear I saw Kourtney when I first looked at this," chimed in a fifth Instagram user.

Another fan implied that Sofia had undergone plastic surgery in order to look more like a Kardashian.

"Pls stop with the surgery #notakardashian," pleaded a fan.

This isn't the first time Sofia has faced accusations of cosmetic enhancements. As reported by The Inquisitr, a recent photo caused fans to speculate that the stunner's incredible body wasn't 100 percent natural. In the photo, taken in Cabo earlier this month, Sofia flaunted her killer curves and washboard abs in a barely-there leopard-print bikini. Due to her ample cleavage, many believed that the 21-year-old had gotten a breast augmentation.


"@sofiarichie those implants look decent but you didn't need any work, please stop," wrote a follower in the comments section.

According to Hollywood Life, there is a possibility that Sofia got a boob job sometime last year. Dr. Daniel Barrett, a board-certified plastic surgeon, told the publication that he firmly believed she has silicone implants.

"Her upper projection and cleavage is a dead giveaway. At 20-years-old it's extremely unlikely this would have been a growth spurt of any sort. The sizing, positioning and shaping is very much in line with what an implant result looks like," said the surgeon.


Dr. Leslie Gerstman shared similar sentiments to Life & Style magazine in April. Dr. Gerstman asserted that Sofia most likely had rhinoplasty to make her nose more refined. She went on to say that the model may have also gotten botox injections in her jaw in order to thin out her face.

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