Cindy Prado Bursts Out Of Lime Green Bikini & Instagram Can't Take It

Cindy Prado seems to have been born to rock a bikini. The American bombshell and social media sensation has been racking up the Instagram followers on account of her sizzling swimwear displays – with an all-American vibe, a flawless beauty, and a fierce sense of style, it's of little surprise why this blonde has 800,000 Instagram followers. Cindy may have delivered an electric yellow swimwear update earlier this month, per The Inquisitr, but the star has updated her two-piece look since.

Cindy updated her Instagram on Tuesday. The model seemed to have picked her color palette carefully – with a green lawn background and foliage framing the star, it seemed apt that Cindy wear for a shade matching her surroundings. The model was flaunting her curves in a tiny lime green bikini as fans got a great view of her killer body. Cindy's slim and toned legs were on show, with a similar deal going on from her super-flat and rock-hard stomach, plus a sexy cleavage display reminding fans that this model comes with curves.

Cindy was photographed full-frontal, with her hands delicately placed on her hips, plus a sideways gaze. The model's trademark blonde locks were worn down around her shoulders, with discreet makeup affording a natural finish.

Cindy tends not to post raunchy or provocative captions. The words accompanying this post were inspirational.

Instagram can't take the heat.

"Body," one fan wrote with an alien emoji.

"This," another added with four fire emoji.

"Gorgeous sissy wuv u," was another comment.

Responses were mostly brief – fans were likely distracted by what they were seeing – with many users simply leaving the model emoji responses. That said, it did look like Cindy's post had attracted comments from brands wanting to collaborate with her.

"Hey babe we have sent you an email about the bikini shoot," Undersea Bikini wrote.

It looks like Cindy is pretty set-up on the influencer front, though. Tuesday's bikini was given a shout-out, with the model name-dropping White Fox Swim. That said, there's probably room for growth in terms of brand partnerships for this model. While fellow swimwear faces announce a brand ambassador status in their Instagram bios – Aussie model Tarsha Whitmore does with Oh Polly – Cindy has yet to do the same. The model's bio is not, however, blank. It mentions her love of food, with pasta and wine appearing to be her favorites.

Cindy's Instagram is followed by a celebrity face: country singer Jessie James Decker keeps tabs on her. Fans wishing to see more of Cindy should follow her account.