Fans Go Wild Over Kelly Clarkson's 'Such A Stalker' Instagram Video

Kelly Clarkson doesn't need to do much to drive fans wild. The American Idol alum and reality judge is now the host of a talk show that's getting rave reviews, with Kelly's recent social media activity centering around her new gig. The 37-year-old took to Instagram yesterday with a gushing video to thank a plethora of celebrities who'd gifted her flowers, although the footage came with an admission.

Kelly's video came as a low-frills selfie from her office. Fans saw a background of floral displays – bouquets were sent from the likes of Dr. Phil and Rosie O'Donnell. Kelly mostly spent her time voicing her thanks and gratitude, although the star did point to a background cut-out – possibly Meryl Streep.

"Do you see Meryl back there? I am such a stalker," she said.

There was also a humble side to the video. In the final part, Kelly said that she was glad viewers enjoyed her show, although she did take a moment to consider anyone who might not have liked it. For Kelly, though, anyone not digging it was "cool" with her.

With that beautiful smile and the delivery coming not long after The Kelly Clarkson Show aired, this update was bound to get a response. It most definitely did.

"You're so stinking' cute!!!" one fan wrote.

"That's because you're authentically amazing!" another added with a heart emoji.

"This is awesome!!! Love the show!!! And love you!! Great show and can't wait to watch every day!" was another comment.

Plenty more replies came in suggesting that viewers had found their new favorite show. The star even found somewhat of a complaint landing in the comments section: a fan based in Canada was upset that they couldn't watch Kelly.

The star's appeal seems to stem from her super-chilled vibe, infectious personality, and gorgeous smile. The real attitude from Kelly definitely seemed to have been picked up on by one fan.

"I love the fact that you are so down to earth..." they wrote.

The video itself racked up over 165,000 views and brought in over 760 comments. Celebrity talk shows may be a dime a dozen these days, but Kelly's seems to have made a particularly impressive bang. Fans also seem to be going nuts over practically every social media update featuring the blonde. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Instagram kind of lost it over a snap of Kelly with media face Hoda Kotb.

Kelly has 4.2 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by celebrities including Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, and Gwen Stefani. Fans wishing to see more of Kelly should follow her account.