September 11, 2019
Slew Of Google Pixel 4 Leaks Surround Apple's iPhone 11 Event

In what could be the most conveniently timed "leaks" in recent memory, a slew of photos and vital information on Google's upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone were released in the days (and hours) leading up to Apple's iPhone 11 event, one covered by The Inquisitr yesterday. The most recent leak came from BGR, in the form of detailed photos showing the new handsets being endowed with a square camera assembly -- one similar to those seen on the upcoming iPhone 11 Pro models. Twitter user @xaviernaxa posted what appeared to be photos of Google's new smartphone on the social media platform.

While some Android fans may be disappointed to see that the new model still seems to sport thicker bezels both above and below the screen, there appears to be a clear step towards the all-screen super-sleek phones everyone wants to own these days. By this point, it's at least somewhat likely that these images are legit, as they're backed up by other leaks which took place earlier this week.

A couple of days ago, Pro Android covered what appeared to be a leaked promotional video for the Pixel 4. The video describes some of of the Pixel 4's features, though with a grainy quality and somewhat low production value, it's tough to discern whether this is an official video or not.

Another leak that hit in the days running up to Apple's iPhone 11 event came from XDA Developers. This apparent leak covered the rumored new gesture motion-sensing feature of the Pixel 4 in some detail, with the publication suggesting it could be a key selling point for the new smartphone, even providing the capability of the phone knowing when you're about to pick it up, initiating a face scan so as to preemptively unlock the handset for use.
"The Project Soli radar in the Google Pixel 4 series is probably going to end up as one of the main selling points for the two phones. The precision radar opens up new ways to interact with the devices."
The same publication also reported that the Pixel 4's display will have a 90 MHz refresh rate. This would put the Google product's display at 30 MHz above the vast majority of other smartphones, which typically use 60 MHz displays. The higher refresh rates could provide smoother gaming experiences, among other multimedia applications.
While the sales figures from Google's flagship phone pale in comparison to those of Apple's iPhone, the Pixel is seeing a small rise in popularity with each iteration. The Pixel 4 is expected to launch next month.