'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Bends Over And Basically Spills Out Of Her Dress

Redheaded hottie Haley Kalil is no stranger to showing off her body; the Minnesota native is a Sports Illustrated Swim model, after all. However, Haley almost got more than she bargained for when she veered dangerously close to spilling out of her satin dress in a new picture posted to Instagram last night.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Haley had been wearing the pretty pink ensemble as part of time at New York Fashion Week. The outfit features a light pink satin dress that is unlined, meaning her nipples are at times visible through the thin fabric. It also features spaghetti straps to show maximum amount of skin around her shoulders.

Haley had previously paired the dress with a black leather jacket. However, it seems that she took the extra top off just in time for the partying, allowing a photographer to get a busty snap of the ravishing redhead.

In the picture, Haley's face is in the top corner of the shot, as she gives what she called in her a caption her "weird" laughing expression. This means that her incredible body is able to take center stage. In her pose, she leans forward, leaving the viewer with no doubt that she is not wearing a bra. In fact, her cleavage appears to be teetering on the edge of a spilling out.

The snapshot soon earned close to 4,000 likes and just under 40 comments.

"Gorgeous and sexy," wrote in a fan, with several lip emoji.

"The cutest ever," gushed another fan.

"So stunning girl, literally life goals," concluded a third, also adding fire and red heart emoji.

Though the Sports Illustrated stunner currently has a glamorous life filled with fashion shows, photoshoots, and a social media fandom of over 275,000 followers, she has confessed in the past that it wasn't always that way.

"From a young age, I was fascinated by the sciences. I excelled at science and math. I was a member of the mathletes and chess team. I started studying college level calculus at the age of 15," she admitted in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

"Because I was focused on my schooling, I was definitely not a member of the 'cool kid's club.'"
"Throughout my middle school and high school years, I was the nerd — a label that made my dreams of becoming a model seem even more preposterous," Haley finished.

Nonetheless, she did not give up on her dream -- even though she had a stable job working in an immunology lab -- and entered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search Competition.

It's easy to see why Haley won, sharing the prize with Camille Kostek, and the rest is history. She is currently onto her second Sports Illustrated feature as a rookie, and has been to several NYFW shows.