Scott Ferguson, Tennessee Mayor With Two Wives, Submits Resignation

Oakland, Tennessee — Scott Ferguson allegedly has two wives, but one less job.

One the revelations emerged that he was allegedly married to two women at the same time, Ferguson submitted his resignation as mayor, an office he’s held since 2010. His apparent double life evidently made it no longer viable for him to be an effective municipal leader.

Mayor Scott Ferguson, 33, a former pastor, has four children with his first wife. He reportedly married for a second time on Valentine’s Day, appropriately or inappropriately enough. Evidently he never divorced his first wife according to media accounts. Wife No. 2 is now seeking a divorce or annulment of the nuptials and possibly even alimony.

Ferguson submitted his resignation on Monday to the Board of Alderman of Oakland, Tennessee, which according to its website, is “the crossroads of North America.” The Board accepted his resignation on Wednesday night. According to local media accounts, Ferguson decided to quit the job as mayor because he has not “been true to my wife and I have neglected my family.”

The former mayor is also apparently under investigation in connection with allegations about misuse of public funds. The investigation is ongoing. Ferguson came into office when his predecessor was forced out of office for mishandling federal money.

In an interview with a local reporter, Ferguson explained his reasons for leaving office.

“Effective today I’m going to resign as mayor of the town of Oakland. In my personal life I have displayed dishonesty and I have not been true to my wife. When I do wrong a part of my responsibility to God and to them is to confess my wrong and be right, and to bring forth the fruits and the evidence of the sorrow in my heart.”

Watch an interview with Scott Ferguson about resigning as Oakland, Tennessee, mayor:

This news report suggests that the former mayor has three wives and is under investigation for bigamy: