Valentina Fradegrada Exposes Chest In Diamond-Strip Bikini

Valentina Fradegrada knows how to keep her fans on their toes. She proved this previously with a topless selfie on Instagram, as reported by The Inquisitr. But now, she gave people something else to talk about with a very, revealing bikini pic.

The model was spotted only wearing a hardly-there top, which was comprised of strips of diamonds. They came together to create some semblance of a bikini top. But its tiny size meant Valentina's chest was on full display. Unfortunately, this also means that the photo cannot be shared here, but you can see the original post on her Instagram.

It's also not a huge surprise that her followers seemed to love the update, as they showered Fradegrada with their various compliments.

The first photo of the set showed her standing against a window as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips. She also wore her hair down in soft waves while rocking a pair of hoop earrings. However, the bikini is likely what caught most people's attention.

The second photo showed Fradegrada looking straight at the camera. She placed both of her hands on her head and played with her locks.

It looks like the photo has been very popular so far, garnering more than 140,000 likes.

And while the new update was geotagged in Los Angeles, it wasn't long ago when she shared another photo which was geotagged in Italy.

The photo in question was uploaded two days ago and featured the model rocking a small, black swimsuit. The top was strapless, while the bottoms were very high-waisted.

Valentina rocked her hair in a casual, high ponytail and looked over at the camera with a slight smile.

Aris Moscov's website previously posted an interview with the model, where she revealed how she came to be in her current role as an influencer.

"I started my carreer as a blogger and a model, which I persued [sic] for seven years. In time I focused on travelling so I became a travel influencer, and I have to say I really enjoy it. I think modelling and blogging expresses usually my feeling, moods and sometimes the more adventurous part," she said.

She also reflected on her role, and how she can have an impact on her followers.

"Well of course, through Facebook or Snapchat or Intagram we can all share parts of our lifes [sic], and some important moments and this influences in one way or another other people. It's always important to share as much as possible positive fellings [sic] and thoughts," she explained.