Joss Whedon Approves Of J.J. Abrams For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

A blessing from Joss Whedon goes a long way, so skeptics of J.J. Abrams have to be feeling pretty good about him now that The Avengers director has given him his personal go-ahead on Star Wars: Episode VII.

Fun fact: Before Abrams was chosen to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, the Internet was awash with fans pushing for Joss Whedon to helm the revival of the Star Wars franchise. The problem is, he’s currently tied up with another franchise. Just a little thing, you probably haven’t even heard of it: The Avengers.

“I’m as angry as you should be,” Whedon joked in an interview earlier this year about missing the opportunity to direct Star Wars.

“When I heard [about Star Wars] I was like, ‘I wonder … no, I really can’t do that. Oh, I already have a job.’ I wouldn’t clear the Avengers. I’m having so much fun with that sequel right now, just with the script, that I couldn’t imagine not doing it.”

During another interview with Deadline this week, Whedon revealed that he definitely had ideas for Star Wars: Episode VII (what nerd doesn’t) but no formal conversations ever happened.

“All of this happened long after I was committed to The Avengers, so there was never any question [about doing Star Wars],” Whedon said. “There was just a peep of sadness from me.”

But as a fan, Whedon is more than happy with Disney’s selection of J.J. Abrams as director for the new Star Wars.

“I think, in all honesty, that J.J. Abrams is the guy for the gig and I couldn’t be happier about that,” he said.

Before you flame this article, I just have to point out that Abrams’ selection to helm Star Wars: Episode VII may have been geek-nip to some, but Abrams is not without his flops (Morning Glory, Undercovers, there are more). It’s not me saying this. Google “J.J. Abrams lens flare” and you’ll find an Anne Hathaway-sized Abrams hate crowd you can go take your anger out on.

Still, I’m more than happy with Abrams as the Star Wars: Episode VII director, but as a Whedon fan, his blessing just sweetens the pot.