'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Wows In Glitter Peach Top With Much Younger Son Isaac In Stunning Throwback

Google searches for Kailyn Lowry are likely rising right now. With the Teen Mom 2 season premiere airing tonight, fans will be scouring the depths of the internet for whatever information they can find on the 27-year-old. While Kailyn does share up-to-date photos of herself and three sons -- Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux -- on Instagram, she will take to the platform with the occasional throwback.

Today seems to have provided just one such occasion.

Earlier today, Kailyn took to her Instagram stories. The star appeared in a photo that was clearly a throwback. In fact, it looked like Kailyn had reposted a photo shared to a fan account. Whoever posted the snap is likely loving the fact that Kailyn reposted it.

The photo showed Kailyn back in the day. The star had been photographed outdoors in an open green space with trees and natural sunlight in the background. The image was an adorable one, with Kailyn seen holding her son Isaac, who was born in 2010. Kailyn and her son appeared alone in the photo as baby daddy and ex Jonathan "Jo" Rivera wasn't in the photo.

Kailyn was looking stunning. The star had been photographed in a peach-colored top with loose sleeves and beautiful glitter panels across the top's front. While Kailyn's blue-eyed smile and long blonde hair were likely wowing fans, the mother of three's gorgeous fashion sense was likely ticking plenty of boxes.

Isaac appeared in a yellow shirt and looking cautiously sideways.

Today's Instagram story definitely contrasts the latest permanent Instagram posts from the star. The most recent Instagram update from Kailyn was from a recent outing. It was from the summer Hawaii trip that Kailyn took with her three boys and co-star Leah Messer, plus her three girls. The update even came with a caption dedicated to her first-born son; Kailyn doesn't seem to have favorites, but she did dedicate this update to the son she welcomed back when she was a teenager.
"The boy who made me M O M @isaacelliottr is compassionate & smart but don't let that fool you. This boy has a fire in him. & he can eavesdrop like a spy just a little appreciation post while he's at his dad's. Hoping he kicks this weeks ass at school & has a great start to 4th grade photo x"
Kailyn is one of the most active Teen Mom cast members on social media, with Instagram accounts set up for all three of her boys. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Kailyn has been reflecting on her overall parenting, admitting that she wants to make "better conscious decisions."

Clearly, those decisions are driven by love.