'Teen Mom 2' Fans Want Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert Back Together After New Video Shows Them Together In NYC

Talk is heated for fans of Teen Mom 2. The MTV franchise's Instagram account posted a video ahead of Tuesday night's airing, with audiences seeing Leah Messer and her ex and baby daddy, Jeremy Calvert.

The video showed Leah and Jeremy in New York City, and anyone wondering if the footage was a throwback likely immediately found themselves corrected. With Leah's new brown hair manifesting and not a shred of the perma-tanned and choppy blonde look that the star once rocked, it was clear that this content was new. Leah was heard saying that she'd taken to social media to post some pictures of herself and her former man, with fan comments appearing to see the star flooded. This was because everyone wanted to know if she and Jeremy were back together.

It looks like fans have more than voiced their thoughts on the Instagram video posted today.

The most upvoted comment racked up 104 likes in the space of four hours.

"I would like to see them back together honestly I felt like they would have still been together if Jeremy didn't give up on Leah so easily."
Another commenter who also received upvotes seemed to echo the sentiment that these old flames should rekindle their romance.
"Get back together it's different now Leah did a 180 big time."
It looked like fans were honing in on the video carefully, with one appearing to query whether Leah might be expecting. For the most part, though, the comments centered around this former relationship.
"Leah I'm glad you believe that cuz I don't but I do hope you guys get back together," one fan told the star.

"Hey get back together," read a comment that came complete with a heart emoji.

While many comments seemed to be of the opinion that Leah and Jeremy should get back together, it wasn't shared by everyone. One fan wondered if they were alone in thinking that the two are better off in a platonic way, especially with Leah having a rough time battling her mental health troubles – the fan didn't seem to think that Jeremy had been very supportive. That said, the comments seeing fans not too keen on a reunion appeared trumped by those wanting Leah and Jeremy as a couple again.

As The Inquisitr reported at the end of August, Leah and Jeremy got a little flirty on social media.

Reconciliation isn't outside the realm of possibility, as it definitely looks like fans want one. Fans wishing to see more of Leah should tune into Teen Mom 2 or follow the star's social media accounts.