Tarsha Whitmore Bursts Out Of Tight Tank & Daisy Dukes Popping Instagram's Eyes

Rebecca Cukier

Tarsha Whitmore is back on the 'Gram. The Australian model and social media sensation is mostly known for her swimwear looks – a gold bikini was documented by The Inquisitr just yesterday – but Tarsha updates her Instagram account with stylish day looks as well. The 19-year-old has delivered a brand new update, although her fierce sense of style was nothing new.

Tarsha's photo today showed her bathed in sunlight. Sultry snaps from Tarsha's bedroom may prove popular in the lingerie department, but the model's free-spirited and fun-loving side is equally adored in her urban or cityscape updates. Today saw Tarsha sitting near glass-paneled windows overlooking what may well have been a theme park. The model was looking confident and cheerful as she smiled, with an upbeat wardrobe appearing to affect her mood. Tarsha was rocking a summery and super-tight white tank top and with a bit of a braless scenario going on, the blonde likely had her male fans eyeing up her assets. Then again, the photo was ticking boxes for its trendy duo-toned look and toned-down feel, with Tarsha having paired her top with a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Tarsha's positioning today definitely seemed to flaunt her killer figure to her advantage. The model's legs were semi-folded, with fans seeing how toned, fit, and tan Tarsha is. The star's trim upper body also made an appearance. She may be loved for her beauty, but there's no denying that Tarsha comes with a fierce physique.