Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam Bickers With Liz Over Franco & Kim Crumbles Over The Latest News

Word of Drew's disappearance and presumed death is spreading throughout Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday suggest this news will create quite a bit of chaos. People are already struggling with Franco having Drew's old memories, and now that the real Drew may be gone for good, it's making the Franco situation all the more complicated.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam and Elizabeth will cross paths during Wednesday's show, and things get heated. Liz is determined to bring her husband and his real memories back to her, but she isn't necessarily getting a lot of support from those around her. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will be especially harsh when discussing this situation.

Both Sam and Liz are now aware that Drew has been presumed dead after his plane disappeared. As the women run into one another and discuss all of this, General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for the next episode tease that Sam will insist that losing Drew isn't worth saving Franco. It sounds as if she'll be suggesting that Liz should let go of Franco for good and just let him keep Drew's memories.

Of course, Sam has a difficult history when it comes to Franco, so neither she or Jason would lose any sleep over Franco being gone forever. Naturally, Elizabeth feels completely different about this and sees Franco for who he is now, having let go of all the misdeeds of his past.

Liz surely won't be pleased with what Sam says to her, and fans know these two women have battled for years. Will Elizabeth push back against Sam's dig or just walk away?

Viewers will need to tune in Wednesday to see how this upcoming confrontation plays out. However, General Hospital spoilers detail that these two women won't be the only ones in Port Charles struggling over the news about Drew.

Kim has already been a mess in recent weeks, and the idea of Drew dying will seemingly cause even more distress. She lost her son Oscar not long ago, and she's been struggling to keep her distance from Franco due to his having Drew's memories. Kim and Liz had a fairly tense conversation about this, and now Kim will be devastated to face the idea of the real Drew being gone for good.

The next episode will have an appearance by a sympathetic Hayden as well as scenes involving Olivia, Lulu, and the kids. General Hospital spoilers tease that there's juicy stuff with Laura and Curtis coming up this week, along with a bit of Dustin crossing paths with Lulu again. In addition to that, as The Inquisitr recently noted, Scott will be so desperate to help Franco he will turn to a rather unlikely resource for help -- Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers also detail there's also plenty more with Brad and Julian coming this week, as well as some developments connected to Sasha. Based on the latest sneak peeks and teasers, it sounds as if fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming days.