NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Wanted To Return To The OKC Thunder But Doesn't Trust Them Now

Many OKC fans have called him a cupcake since his unexpected departure a few years back, and Kevin Durant recently took the opportunity to trash the Oklahoma City Thunder once again. New NBA rumors suggested that Durant eventually wanted to return to the organization in some capacity, but he recently explained that he doesn't trust the team anymore.

The bad blood between Durant and Oklahoma City is not going away anytime soon. Between extreme fan "boos" complete with (almost) all the cupcakes in the city, plus KD's burner Twitter accounts and accidental tweets from his real Twitter account, things are pretty tricky. The city and the organization feel somewhat justified in the behavior, considering how everything went down on July 4, 2016. After a season where the Golden State Warriors came back to beat OKC, who were up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, Durant shocked the team, the city, and the world by signing with a team most believed should be his nemesis. Not only did he leave OKC, but Durant also left them with nothing to show for having had him as a player. Leaving to go to the team that beat out the Thunder made Durant the villain of OKC and the NBA, and he struggled with that role. It might not have helped that Durant never really fit in with the Warriors, either.

According to a CBS Sports report, Durant is not pleased with how the city and the team treated him after his stunning decision to leave the franchise.

"I'll never be attached to that city again because of that," Durant said.

Now, Kevin Durant is recovering from a severe injury. This summer he left the Golden State Warriors where he won an NBA championship two times, to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, Sports Illustrated reported.

Contrast Durant's departure with Russell Westbrook's and the outcome is dramatically different. While fans also adored Westbrook, he let the team know his plans, and OKC got something in return for him with a trade. There is little doubt that Westbrook's first time back at Chesapeake Energy Arena as a visitor will be an entirely different experience than Durant's.

Recently, The Inquisitr reported that Durant tried to recruit recent OKC Thunder player, Carmelo Anthony to his new team. Last season, Anthony played with the Houston Rockets, and he's currently a free agent. It looks like Durant and his teammate Kyrie Irving want to build something special with the Nets. Next season, although he is recovering from his injury, Durant will start another new chapter in his NBA career.

One thing seems inevitable, though. Durant still holds a grudge against OKC, and the city also seems to feel the same way about him.