Joe Giudice Reportedly So Tired Of 'Horrible' Detention Conditions That He's Ready For Deportation

Joe Giudice has spent nearly a year battling to stay in the United States after being ordered deported to his native Italy. Now, the former star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is reportedly so sick of the "horrible" conditions at his ICE detention center that he's ready to leave the country just to escape them.

According to Radar Online, Giudice is set to appear before a judge tomorrow. The reality star reportedly intends to ask the judge to let him wait out the decision on his appeal at home in New Jersey, rather than in the detention center, because conditions there are so unpleasant.

According to a source, things are so bad that once he gets a decision on his request -- and if that decision goes against him -- he wants to give up on fighting his appeal, leaving the country as a result.

"It's been horrible, and he doesn't want to rot away there any longer. The moment he is denied, he said he will pull his appeal and get ready to go to Italy," the source revealed.

Other sources confirm that the conditions at the facility in Pennsylvania are bad. One source, a relative of a former inmate, said the Clinton County Correctional Facility in McElhattan, Pennsylvania, is like being "in a dungeon." There have also been reports of sexual abuse against inmates in the facility.

Giudice was ordered to leave the country after being convicted of fraud, a federal crime. He served three years in prison, after which he was sentenced to deportation by a judge. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the father of four has been facing some challenges in his fight to stay in the country. He was found to be in "noncompliance" in a recent document filing. The order could result in the discontinuation of his appeal.

"The document does not comply with the following Court requirement:…a certificate of service must be submitted to this office," the notice reads.

The U.S. Attorney General also rejected Giudice's argument that he should be allowed to stay in the country as he hadn't lived in Italy since he was a baby, and that his family lives in the U.S.

Wife Teresa has been raising eyebrows after being spotted without her wedding ring and hanging out with other men, per The Inquisitr.

"Teresa is doing her best to be a supportive wife but neither her, nor Joe know how long his appeal battle will go on at this point," a source said about Teresa's partying.