Tahzjuan Hawkins Opens Up About Near Mental Breakdown On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Tahzjuan Hawkins was sent home on the very first night of Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. Nevertheless, she was given a second chance to find love on this summer's season of Bachelor in Paradise. She went into the experience hopeful about meeting new people and maybe even finding her special someone on the beach. Unfortunately, her stint in paradise couldn't have been more of a disaster. In fact, the journey got off to a terrible start before she even arrived at the beach, according to Refinery 29. Now Hawkins is opening up about what exactly went so wrong and whether or not she'd return to paradise for a second season next year.

Hawkins didn't make it to Mexico by the time she anticipated because of a series of travel struggles involving lost luggage. Once she finally did arrive, paradise was hardly what she expected. Because she'd arrived at the beach later than everyone else, most people were already either coupled up or trying to pursue a connection with someone else. She seemed to initially hit it off with John Paul Jones, and they even got to go on a date. Unfortunately, the date itself couldn't have been less romantic and involved Jones throwing up after eating the questionable date food.

Hawkins and Jones' connection was pretty short-lived, and he ended up showing more interest toward fellow contestant Haley Ferguson, much to Hawkins' dismay. She was so frustrated that she ended up pretty much giving up on the whole Bachelor in Paradise process and sulking by the pool alone while the rest of the contestants swam and enjoyed themselves, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Hawkins opened up about how she was unable to create any friendships throughout the show.

"Everyone got to build their relationships with being on The Bachelor and I went home so early that I didn't get to bond with anyone. And I think while I was in Paradise, I isolated myself. I didn't get to make any friendships. But I mean it wasn't on purpose. It was a difficult time for me."
Even though Hawkins was only in paradise for a couple of days, the hot Mexico temperatures quickly got the better of her, and she began acting psychotic before eventually being sent home. Despite how badly her time on the show went, Hawkins says she'd do it again next year.

"I would try and give it another shot. I am a hopeless romantic, so I would never turn down the opportunity to find my person," she said.