'Teen Mom OG' Star Mackenzie McKee's Mother Angie Reveals Shocking Eyelash Loss From Cancer Battle

Cancer patients may come with a stereotypical hair loss image, but there's another aspect to this disease: side effects from chemotherapy don't just see sufferers losing the hair on their heads. Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee's mom Angie Douthit is bravely continuing her battle against Stage 4 lung cancer, with a fresh social media update reminding fans exactly what she's going through. Seeing this fierce and beautiful grandmother admit to having lost her eyelashes has likely proven somewhat shocking for fans of the MTV franchise.

On Tuesday, Angie updated her Instagram. The photo showed her in a hospital setting, with Angie seated on a leather couch near some medical equipment beside her husband. Angie was giving the brave smile she is so adored for, with a caption that mentioned Angie's faith-based hope and an admission that she'd "lost" her eyelashes. Angie then asked her followers for any solutions to the unfortunate hair loss. Angie gave her followers a kick-start – she queried whether fake lashes or a tattoo alternative might be a solution, although Angie did also wonder if she should just accept the status quo for now.

Angie's fans quickly responded.

"A young woman who was chemo and lost her lashes went the route of false eyelashes. She had fun with it!" one fan wrote.

"You don't need lashes, makeup or anything else. You have God's light shining on you and you are radiantly beautiful just the way you are!!! Stay blessed!" another said.

"Try false, seems like maybe the best option if it makes YOU feel more confident. You're such a beautiful light, my guess is most people don't even notice," a user reassured Angie.

Many other comments came in. While some offered solutions for the eyelash situation, others simply sent Angie love and prayers during this difficult time. As fans are likely aware, Angie's cancer has spread to major organs including her brain and liver. Chemotherapy may help some patients, but the treatment doesn't always work.

Mackenzie has been speaking about the ordeal on Teen Mom OG – she's also been updating her social media with reminders that her mom is very much on her mind. As The Inquisitr reported recently, Mackenzie posted a photo of her mother asleep in bed – she called her parents "marriage goals."

Fans wishing to see more of Mackenzie and Angie should tune into Teen Mom OG or follow Mackenzie and Angie's Instagram accounts.