iPhone 11 Dubbed Ugly By Apple Fans As Release Date Approaches

Apple is just hours from its recently-announced event, where the company is expected to unveil its 2019 new iPhone models, but social media is already abuzz and the chatter doesn't look too good for the Cupertino, California-based company.

Per a previous report from The Inquisitr, the new iPhone models are likely to be disappointing, if rumors are to be believed. The major upgrade on the phone is expected to come in its camera system with three lenses, which coincidently is the part of the phone that many social media users have targeted as ugly.

Beyond the new square camera bump on the back of the device, Apple users can expect a phone that carries a similar design to Apple's current lineup, which includes the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Apple debuted the current iPhone design in 2017, when it unveiled the iPhone X. The iPhone X marked a significant shift for the Steve Jobs-founded company, as it was the first of its smartphone models to forego its famous home button in favor of multi-touch gestures to evoke the home screen and multi-tasking functions.

As a result, the iPhone X was also the first model to ditch the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in favor of Face ID, which uses biometric face-scanning technology as opposed to the fingerprint reader found on past iPhone models.

"I think it looks ugly," one user said on Twitter one a close up shot of a mock-up iPhone 11 showing the three camera lenses.

"It does," another user agreed. "But people are gonna buy it anyway."

Another person on Twitter noticed that the rumored phone's camera module resembles a bowling ball.

"Ew," she said, after seemingly making the connection.

Other users on Twitter said they planned to stick to their older iPhone models, including the X, iPhone 8, and even the iPhone 6, which was released by Apple in 2014.

According to 9to5mac, a reliable analyst seemed to debunk several popular rumors about the iPhone 11 models, which means they might even be more disappointing than previously rumored. Apple has reportedly scrapped plans to support bilateral wireless charging, which would allow users to give a wireless charging boost to other products that supported Qi wireless charging, including its bluetooth headphones, AirPods, and its Apple Watch.

The feature is available on Samsung phones, though Apple reportedly scrapped the feature because it was unable to meet Apple's charging standards.

The iPhone was also rumored to receive support for Apple Pencil, Apple's smart stylus that is currently only functional on its iPad models, though that feature also will not reportedly make it to the 2019 iPhone models, per 9to5mac, and will stay exclusive to its iPad offerings.

All of the new iPhones are expected to feature Apple's proprietary Lightning port for charging. The iPhone Pro models will reportedly feature a lightning to USB-C cable, though the cheaper iPhone, which is expected to replace the iPhone XR, will feature the classic USB-A technology. This means the phones won't be able to be plugged into Apple's MacBook's for charging. Apple's laptops have ditched the old USB technology.

According to 9to5mac, the iPhone Pro model is rumored to contain a fast charger in the box, which will allow users to charge the larger phone more quickly than with the traditional chargers bundled with the other models.

Despite the fact that fans took to social media to express dissatisfaction with the design of the soon-to-be-announced smartphone, some looking to upgrade could be intrigued to do so as Apple is predicted to launch some models in new colors and in matte finishes, per 9to5mac.

The iPhone 11 models are expected to be announced at an event in California at 10 a.m. If history is any indication, the phone will be available for pre-order on Friday, September 13.