Ex 'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Reacts On Twitter After David Eason Admits He Killed Their Dog, Nugget

Jenelle Evans is so happy to have gotten the chance to set the record straight about what happened to her family's former dog, Nugget, even though the majority of her fans were already well-aware of the details of the French bulldog's tragic death.

Months after it was reported that the ex-Teen Mom 2 star's husband, David Eason, shot the animal dead after it nipped at their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, Eason admitted to People magazine that he chose to murder the animal, rather than pay someone to euthanize it.

Shortly after the magazine interview was shared, Evans took to Twitter, where she thanked the outlet for allowing her and Eason to speak on the matter and "squash rumors."

Then, after reading her message, Evans was met with tons of criticism from her online audience, who pointed out that she and Eason had attempted to lie about the matter just months ago.

"Thanks [People magazine] for letting us squash rumors about so many heavy topics," Evans wrote. "With so much going on it was hard to do this interview but very happy getting it out to the public. Moving on with our future!"

"[You] didn't squash anything!! He's a dog murderer!!" one person replied.

"Thumbs up on admitting that you lied about everything with what happened to the dog," another said.

Other followers of Evans' account poked fun at the way in which Eason was allegedly pretending to break down while talking about what he did to the poor animal. However, Evans didn't respond to any of the backlash and instead told her fans and followers that she and Eason were "standing strong."

During the People magazine interview, Evans said that after she was left heartbroken and distraught over Eason's murder of their family dog, she was able to forgive her husband.

"We went to co-parenting counseling sessions — it's kind of like a marriage session in one. And he's also taken anger management classes; he took six classes, completed the whole course. So I mean, he did do things to try to better himself. We've been working out really well ever since. We got over it," Evans said.

As fans likely heard, MTV chose to part ways with Evans after the incident and had previously fired Eason due to a homophobic rant he went on in February 2018. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jade Cline, formerly of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, is now acting as her "replacement."

Teen Mom 2 Season 9b airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on MTV.