Ben Affleck’s Alias When He Buys Coffee? ‘Spencer’

Ben Affleck alias

Here’s your mundane yet quirky slice of celebrity for the day: Acclaimed director Ben Affleck apparently uses an alias when he goes out to buy a cup of joe at his local Starbucks.

You’d think that after such public acclaim for his film Argo and being one-half of one of Hollywood’s most successful marriages, just about everybody would recognize Ben Affleck. Still, it’s consistently surprising to me the things that people don’t know, or will pretend not to know when they are lied to. That same logic might be applied by Affleck on a daily basis.

For instance, when the talented auteur goes to buy a cup of coffee, maybe all he needs to do is tell the barista that his name is “Spencer” for them to second-guess his resemblance to “that guy who was in Gigli” (just kidding, no one saw Gigli).

Now the pseudonym is probably just a simple ruse so that when the Starbucks barista calls out “Spencer,” no one flocks to the incognito Hollywood star like they would if “Ben Affleck” was called out. But where does the strange alias come from?

Affleck’s assistant on Argo was a guy named “Spencer,” who has continued to work by the director’s side on his upcoming film To The Wonder. Of course, that’s just speculation. Maybe Affleck is just a nice guy picking up an iced mocha for his assistant. Aw, the humility.

Still, Affleck and his bride Jennifer Garner have frequently been spotted out and about grabbing cups of coffee for themselves, and are often seen with their kids while running errands.

Ben and Jen recently went on a date in Santa Monica sans kids, probably to “work on their marriage.”

But hey, no worries. The Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner marriage is, by all accounts, still going strong despite the grist churned out by the tabloid media. During his 2013 Oscars acceptance speech, an emotional Affleck thanked Garner for the work she puts in to keep the couple’s marriage air-tight.

“I want to thank my wife … for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases. It is work, but it’s the best kind of work. And there’s no one I’d rather work with,” he said.

Here are some pictures of Ben Affleck grabbing a cup of coffee. On the zoomed-in pic, you can see “Spencer” written on the side of the cup.