Prince William Shares That Princess Charlotte Loves Unicorns

According to her father, Prince William, Princess Charlotte has a new obsession, and that is unicorns. The 4-year-old, who just started big girl school with her brother, Prince George, is truly the breakout personality when it comes to the newest generation of royals, and she seems quite content to walk to the beat of her own drummer.

According to Vanity Fair, the savvy little princess, who is rumored to be the real "boss" of the Cambridge family, has figured out how to get the attention of the media with a smile, a wave or just by sticking out her tongue.

Over the last few months, Princess Charlotte has been spotted with various unicorn accessories, including a cute purse, and Prince William confirmed to a group of school children that her latest obsession is unicorns.

For Emergency Services Day in Britain, Prince William, who was once a military pilot, went to Harcombe House, where the Firefighter's Charity is located in Devon. The prince dropped in on some children in an art therapy session and spotted a unicorn made out of pom-pom balls, and shared Princess Charlotte's affection for the mythical creatures.

"My daughter loves unicorns. Loves them. Very cool."
In the past, the little princess has been spotted with a cute unicorn wristlet, and she has a unicorn keychain on her school backpack.

It's no wonder that Princess Charlotte can already make a fashion statement. Despite being a 4-year-old, she is in the limelight, and has had to get acclimated to daily changes, but she seems comfortable following the lead of her mother, Kate Middleton, and her brother, Prince George, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

One of the major changes for this new school year was a change in name. At St. Thomas Battersea School, she won't be known as Princess Charlotte, but instead, Charlotte Cambridge.

When he was in school, Prince William was known as William Wales, using his father's title for his last name.

The Royal Family's official website, states that royals "can be known both by the name of the royal house, and by a surname, which are not always the same."

"Just as children can take their surnames from their father, so sovereigns normally take the name of their 'House' from their father."
When Prince George started at St. Thomas Battersea School two years ago, he too started using the name George Cambridge, which is thought to make it easier for royals to blend in at school.